I am a rabid hater of Conservative Party even if they use the words ‘compassionate conservatism’ ala George Bush Jr. The Conservative Party of Canada is like the Republican Party of America, and, it has been ruling Canada since 2006 under Stephen Harper. Since then, his government has been instilling fears of terrorism on Canadians, immigration unfriendly especially from Africa/ global South. Almost eight years of comatose deficit, the Canadian economy now on the verge of a recession, reckless and tagalong global politics. Canadian economy leaves little to feel about in 2015. Canada’s currency has lost more than 20 per cent against its U.S. counterpart over the past two years, and is now trading at the weakest level in more than a decade. According to Financial Post of August 3, 2015, “With news last week from Statistics Canada that gross domestic product shrank again in May — the fifth-straight month of contraction — Canadians now have a pretty clear sign that the economy slipped into recession in the first half of the year”. He’s added $150 billion to Canada’s debt in the last 10 years.

The 2015 Canadian federal election (formally the 42nd Canadian general election) will be held on October 19, 2015 to elect members to the House of Commons. The conservative government of Canada led by Harper wants to impose travel ban on citizens on not to travel to countries that are deemed terrorist enclaves. Where does he have the constitutional power to do so? Is Harper being inflicted with election hangover and thinks he can say meritless things in order to impose unconstitutional issue during election campaign? I state equivocally that Harper’s government cannot or impose ban on citizens as it does not conform to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I guess another gimmick to woe voters

Does Harper deserve another third term when he does not favour tax cut for the rich and corporations as against the toiling masses? I say no to this. His government has no fixed minimum wage as provinces are left on their own except Ontario and Nunavut paying 12 dollars an hour and others paying a meager sum of 10 dollars an hour. How can this sustain families except they work on two jobs and abandon their families in order to make end meets?  Discrepancies of wages have continually been part of improper child care in order to make ends meet and abandoning family needs and falling into the hands of negative peers. Results have shown that most violence been committed is as a result of lack of family values and parental care.

The election projection for the 2015 is going to be a minority government with NDP winning 130 seats with heavy votes coming from populated arrears of Quebec, Ontario, British Colombia and Manitoba and Saskatchewan. As at today, the NDP is leading the polls with 39%, Conservative 28%, Liberal 25%, BQ, 5% and Green, 3%.  The outcome of the electron may be like this: NDP, 130, Conservative, 128, Liberal, 76, BQ, 3, and Green Party whose leader May Elizabeth, whom had an excellent debate but may end up as their sole voice in the nest parliament.

Let the dreams of the late Jack Layton of NDP flow in your heart for true Canadian values and as he said during his foremost debate in 2012, “students can only pass an exam when he/she fulfilled all necessary requirements for promotion”.  Stephen does not deserve another third term and do vote for NDP for the change and a better Canada that is inclusive for all under the leadership  of Thomas Mulciar as the next Prime Minister of Canada.


Lekan Scoro 8.