By Oyeyemi Giwa

Voice4sistahs: Giving Voice to Women in Abusive Relationships and Survivors

Oyeyemi Giwa writes about a group formed to give voice to women in abusive relationships.

Voice4sistahs Facebook group was created on November 2017 while the NGO was registered July 2018. 

The founder created the group to give women a voice of their own, especially grassroots women and survivors of domestic violence. She so much believes in empowerment of women. A woman that is empowered can make a good decision which will enable a suitable life for her financially and emotionally.     


An organisation that represents all women who have suffered domestic violence by providing emotional, practical, and financial support.

• We create an awareness of Domestic violence, its impact on both women and children in our communities. We represent all women’s voice by making a difference; we empower, inspire, network, mentor, and coach. Touching lives for a better and sustainable life thereby leaving a legacy for generations.

• We rehabilitate and provide after care for survivors of domestic violence by empowering them emotional /practically and financially. We are the voice of the voiceless and providing a platform for grassroots women to have a voice through different activities that concerns them and their families.

• These are done by equipping young girls and women who have been victims of domestic violence with small –start-up trade / funding /skills acquisition and emotional support through seminars and workshops to build resilience.

• We support community projects and work in partnership with local grassroots initiative for both women and children by providing a sustainable life for a brighter future.


To work directly with grass roots women who have been disadvantaged, oppressed and survivors of abuse. We will mentor, coach, inspire, empower, and rehabilitate our women to a healthy emotionally balance.

To support and equip women to build their self-love and self-esteem through networking and seminars /skills workshops.

To provide a one stop clinic for after care for battered women who have survived domestic violence .The aim of this clinic will be for physical check-up for the woman and children, provide counselling and therapeutic healing to aid after-care and full-rehabilitation after such a traumatic episode in their lives.

 We equip young ladies and women who have been Battered and Abused to live a fulfilled live of purpose by developing self-reliance and sufficiency and thereby contributing meaningfully to their community and society economically.

Abiola Fernandez

Founder of Voice for sister’s empowerment foundation

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